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Home Learning Week 34: Castles, Planting Veggies, Long and Short "a", Butterfly Release, Banana Smell, Estimating Sum and Difference, Drawing v Colouring, Horrid Henry, Poppy Seed Pasta Salad, Pond Water 2, Trike Planter, Lush Gift Card, Beekeeping

May 22-26, 2017

Reading, Mind Map,Writing: Castles

Using encyclopedia to create mind map for sentence/paragraph writing; printing the letters on the line (no floating letters)
Melissa: We're going to learn about castles.
AZ: Woo! I would like to live in a castle!


Planting Vegetable Seed

Removing rocks and sticks, marking a row, planting seed, covering with soil, watering, visiting with friend
The poisonous mushrooms are like, "Can I join in?" Well, no you can't, 'cause something is growing on top of you: beets!

Worm Composting, Hardening Off

Discussion, demonstration: worm composting, hardening off, rainwater
22! It's close to summer so we have both the windows down!
Summer lets everything grow. If you need lots of sun, no problem! The sun will do that for you!
Observing garden plants growing; watering; recognizing various types of seeds
We're going to have so much fun with this thing! I just got busted - thanks a lot, hose! It's a rainbow!
I'm excited to see what the seeds look like. Where did they got them?

Spelling: Short and Long "a"

Differentiating between short and long "a" sounds; applying spelling rule: adding "e" at the end of a word turns short "a" to long "a"

Science, Math - Butterfly Release

Using addition to calculate how many there were to begin with
9 are alive and 3 died. How many did we start with? 9 + 3 =
12! We started off with 12 of them!
Releasing butterflies; observing their flight and where they land
You kinda have to encourage them to fly!
Observing and investigating dead butterfly and half-emerged chrysalis; Internet research
Mom, what's this kinda dirty stuff? There's some dust. It's kind of soft-feeling.

What? They're cold-blooded? They are not reptiles! What group are they?
Butterflies and moth belong to the order Lepidoptera. Lepidos is Greek for "scales" and ptera means "wing". These scaled wings are different from the wings of any other insects. Lepidoptera is a very large group; there are more types of butterflies and moths than there are of any other type of insects except beetles.

Butterfly Classification-
Observing and investigating wasp nest, dead bee, dead wasp; Internet research
Discussion: stressed bees release pheromone with banana smell to alert other bees of threat.
Query: do stressed wasps smell like bananas, too?
Why are bees soft and fuzzy? To collect pollen!

Why do wasps have stingers? Why do they attack on purpose? 'Cause I honestly don't know what to do about that. We're going to complain if this is not working: "gently pushing it away if it is on you".

What happens if you smell bananas? If the neighbours smell bananas it's, like, get into the house! "But why?" Just get into the house! Bees will be like, "Oh no! That bee's in trouble! We're going to sting them!"

I think wasps make a banana smell. They have a chemical called a "pheromone" that tells other wasps there is danger. The other wasps come to help. How do they know where to not get lost?!!

Math - Estimating Sum and Difference

Rounding numbers, then adding or subtracting to estimate answer; understanding and reading number line; writing numbers correctly in columns; noticing, writing and doing correct operation (+ or -)
I'm trying to do this. It's taking an awful long time.
Estimating sum and difference; understanding and reading number line; writing numbers in columns, keeping ones and tens in their correct location; noticing, writing and performing correct operation (+ or -); understanding sums and differences mean the same thing written as a column or in line
Andrew is so kind - he didn't made me have to do the other thing!

Art - Drawing v Colouring

"Trusting instincts" re colour choice - not overthinking
Drawing is like - meh. But colouring is YAY! You have to think about what you're going to draw, but colouring already did it for you, so you don't need to do it.

Reading - Horrid Henry and the Soccer Fiend

Reading out loud for enjoyment and understanding
Vocabulary: bellowed, Ian, Mrs., athletic, athlete, referee, MVP, throttled, thought v though, penalty, hurl, aisle, protested, plaid, earsplitting, glare (v)
M-r-s is missus?
Wow, that's suspenseful!
The book smells nice! Smell it!

It seems like his mom and his dad doesn't agree with him. So, he's kind of a vampire, 'cause he kind of likes black and he kind of likes red.

How did you like this book?
It was fine. Not bad at all.

Who would you recommend this book to?
Owen? He might like it. For boys, I only think. (But) I recommend it for Adriana, 'cause it's a funny book.

Cooking - Poppy Seed Honey Mustard Pasta Salad

Making up a recipe, using what is on hand; adjusting ingredients according to taste

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard Pasta Salad

Mix together with dressing:
Pasta, cooked
Peppers, chopped
Kalamata olives, sliced
Feta cheese - not for AZ!

Dressing - whisk together:
1/4 cup olive oil
Large blob mustard
Large squirt honey or 1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp vinegar (we used the juice from pickled onions)
1 tbsp poppy seeds (thanks Madonna House!)
Fresh oregano, chopped
Garlic chives, sliced
2 garlic chive flowers, crumbled
Parsley, chopped
Pepper and salt to taste
Tiny sprinkle of fennel frond, chopped (Let's try it!)
1 forkful pickled onions, chopped

Two thumbs up. Spoon or fork, Mom? I'll put a spoon on mine, and you can have a fork. Super good. I'm going to have a little bit more - not a lot - just a little bit more. That's all the amount I'm going to have. Mm mm mm! Fennel is so healthy for you!

Upcoming Field Trip - Maple Wood Farm

If you want to see the mama cow at Maple Wood Farm, go there when you can! There's a special show.

The bunnies are not shy, at all, are they? They're seriously not shy. You can even pick them up and have them in your lap. They say "do not let them out of the barn" - that's all what they said; bunnies are so active. The bunny area is full of poop.

If you're going to make me go to the billy goats, I'm not going there! They chew and they eat your hair - they're disgusting that way!

Science - Pond Water

Learning about freshwater organisms; using a magnifying lens; Internet research
Science Net resources: Virtual pond dip; Pond Life Identification Kit
Ew! Something's growing in there? Should we look it up? Type in "white swimmers".

This is excellent: you are my grade 4 teacher, and you're actually a grade 4 teacher - you know how to teach me!

I don't see anything - I only see pieces of poo. 

Gardening, Recycling - Trike Planter

Using moss from Grandma's garden, basket found in alley, twist-ties from new garden hose packaging and worn out trike to create a flower bed for last year's begonias
How are we going to plant a bicycle? Did you made it up, or is it true? Is this a crow's nest? Why are we using moss, Mom?

The mountain bike is my size. It's just a little bit enormously heavy. I probably need a strong person to help me with it, if I needed to carry it up a hill.

Real Life Math: Money - Lush Gift Card

Comparing and evaluating scent, texture, colour, design, function, purpose, ingredients; making a selection
I just like to smell stuff. Let's go straight to the boxes. This one!
Using Cuisenaire rods to figure out how much remaining on $25 gift card after purchasing gift box; finding a product the cost of the remainder; making purchase;  reading package labels and lists of gift box contents; learning new vocabulary; sampling products
$25 - $23 = $2  What costs two dollars?
Smelling, comparing, asking questions and discussing answers with staff; sharing opinion/likes/dislikes
Discussion: toothpaste v tooth powder
Oh my god, this one's, like, bling! I want that - that one smells good! Will you help me do it?
Discussion: corn-based packing peanuts disintegrate in water; sampling products
You're environmentally friendly all over here!
Smelling! Comparing; sharing opinions, likes and dislikes; fine motor skills: removing and replacing lids of various types
Kids' noses never get tired of smells. That actually is really nice! I'm going to use a bath bomb tonight. I really want to head home right now.

Thank you, Christie, for the present!

Printing Practice: Symbols 

Practicing dots, circles, straight lines, curved lines and angled lines in various combinations to develop and use legible handwriting to communicate effectively; to develop facility, speed, and ease of handwriting
This is actually fun!
How does that work? How do people do this, Mom? It's like a circle, but the line interrupted it!

Science: Beekeeping

Introduction to beekeeping: setting up the beehive, learning to use the smoker, tasting and smelling honey and beeswax; trying on veil
It smells sweet! It tastes like beeswax! So, the honey's going to taste like honey, right? Or is it going to taste like beeswax? It kinda tastes like apple juice, doesn't it? 

Everyone has a sad story. Sometimes they're brave enough to tell it to some people.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Trust Your Instincts

You kinda have to trust your instincts when you colour. That's basically how I learnt it. You try it - now. You trust your instincts - or you might never get to it if you just think about it!
Look - look at my butterfly! Can we go to the other page, or should we go have a wrestle?
That was your first time trusting your instincts, wasn't it? See? Doesn't it work when you trust your instincts? Seriously: just trust your instincts and it works! (AZ, 10)

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Home Learning Week 33: Butterflies, Estimating Sum and Difference, Thailand, Money Book, 600 Million Years 2, Library Holds, Mara the Meerkat Fairy, Soaring Eagle 6

May 15-20, 2017

Painted Lady Butterflies

So there's some butterflies there and they can stay a little bit. When they get older we can set them free. The other ones up there are caterpillars in their chrysalides. Their wings are very delicate - like fairy wings.
Observing and recording butterfly life cycle; Internet research; attempting butterfly first aid (!); consulting an expert via email
First two butterflies to emerge!
It's showing its wings! So, will it eat? They look like monarch butterflies! Are they girls or boys? Are they playing? They're going to drink the nectar. Do you think they're all going to be different colours? Fly!

What is the red stuff on there? Is that one completely out of its thing? I wonder if their wings are soft, or... it just popped out!? Can I see? How fast does it do it? 

Oh yeah - I think this one is dead! It's not moving; it's very damp! There are six butterflies, right? What is that one doing? The butterflies are going crazy right now! It's trouble - it's a trouble little one - it's trying to get out of here!
Fallen chrysalid, resting on the floor of the cage; meconium (red stuff)
One falled off of its piece of paper. Mom, this is serious! It's actually on the floor! 
If a pupa does not attach itself properly to the paper or falls off just rest it on the bottom of your flight cage (on top of the paper towel) and the butterfly should emerge as usual about eight days later.
Typical painted lady, left; special needs painted lady, right: its wings are reversed!
This one's flapping like crazy! I think it's in danger! What should we do with it? It's trying to fly. Look - the colour is the same as the outside of the wings.

We tried to fix it, but we couldn't figure out how to fix it.

Hi Lucy,

I wonder if you can give me some advice about my daughter's Painted Lady butterflies. One of them seems to have its wings on wrong - the orange wings are on the outside, and the smaller, grey wings are tucked next to its body. First one, then after flapping around awhile now both are. I assume it will not be able to fly? Is there anything we can do to help it?
I guess something went wrong in emergence. Sorry, it probably won't be able to fly and there is nothing you can do to help it. Put it outside on a plant if you want to give it a chance. 
Girls or boys? Top: "inside out" butterfly; bottom right: empty chrysalis case (AKA exuvium); bottom left: the colour is on the inside of the wings
Which are girls and boys? 'Cause seriously - they look exactly the same!
It’s really hard to tell with painted ladies until they mate. Then you see the boys chase the girls around with their little bums curled trying to hook up. LOL
When they're mating should we do something else, or should we watch? We shouldn't disturb them when they're mating, right?
Ha ha they are not shy! You can watch them. If you let them mate then release them that is the best. If you keep the eggs you would need more food to feed the caterpillars. The ladies will lay their eggs on host plants they know the larvae will be able to eat. 

Comparing 6 through 32 days:
April 21
April 26
May 4
May 12
May 17
6 days
11 days
19 days
27 days
32 days
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
2 plastic containers
Hanging from paper pinned inside a net cage
In a cage
6 larvae
5 chrysalides
1 dead
11 chrysalides
3 chrysalides
8 butterflies
dark grey
Dark grey
Chrysalides are silver grey and gold
Butterflies: orange, white, grey and black
Chrysalides: greyish-silvery-goldish
41mm (caterpillars)
4cm with wings open
Climbing, wiggling, sitting in webbing
Crawling, sitting upside down on the lid, pooping, shaking, hanging in webbing
Caterpillars: hanging upside down, like a J; crawling, eating

Chrysalides: shaking sometimes; hanging upside down; one is stuck in webbing
Hanging upside-down, completely still

1 shaking
Some are eating, some are standing on the bottom, some are on the side of the net, one is shaking its wings

Shedding dead skin; yellow balls of poop
They look weird, big, lots of meconium – it looks disgusting. Lots of disgusting   poop balls, dead skin and dead caterpillar on the ground
They’re not rattling
I can see the colours when the wings are open. When the wings are closed they are grey, black and white.
The broken one has the wings the wrong way around

Physical Activity/Movement Break - Laps, Stairs, Walking

Running laps, taking the stairs, after-dinner walks and runs
Mom - don't do it without me! This is ridiculous! You don't have super speed, do you? That's not your power!

Math - Estimating Sum and Difference

Rounding to nearest 10; estimating sum and difference by adding or subtracting multiples of 10, then finding actual answer and comparing the answers
You have to do this to help me - I don't understand this whole math sheet. Your stomach is awful-sounding - really!

You're not bad for a hedgehog with that blind eyes and nose that can't smell. Sorry, Hedgehog - ouchie! I can do better than that! I love this eraser!

Good me, good me! You're very impressed how I did this. Put your sticker on! Can I watch YouTube when I'm done?

Science - Collecting Rain Water

Measuring and recording rainfall
You know I dislike the poncho! I put a pouty face on when I'm wearing the poncho!

Reading - Ella Enchanted

Reading for understanding; answering questions
Vocabulary: chamber pot, opal, corridor, pastel
Are we on the right page, or not?

Hattie and Olive are sisters with Ella - no no - Ella is not the step sister. Ollie and Hattie are the step sisters, but Ella is the one who was at the castle first.

Reading Comprehension: Thailand

Reading a passage for information and understanding; answering questions based on the reading
Do you know anything about Thailand?
I know there's a lot of soup there.

Math, Daily Living Skills - "Itsy Bitsy Money Book"

Cutting; identifying colour of coins and naming coins, stating value, finding the value by looking on the coin
It's amazing I can cut with grown-up scissors. Can I colour this? I like colouring! I know what the ten cents colour is supposed to be: grey! Are the rest different colours? The rest is, I bet, the same colour. Can I colour this one?
Reading coins to find out their value; colouring with correct colour
Karen: How much is a quarter worth?
AZ: I don't know and I don't remember.

Natural History: 600 Million Years

Mind mapping in preparation for writing; practicing reading for information; putting facts into one's own words
Can I cut it? It'll take much more time, but if it's really big I can cut it faster.

"To develop an understanding of the story of our planet, the life on it, and the role of humans in that story; to develop an understanding of long periods of time; to develop an understanding of evolution; to practice reading for information; to practice putting facts into her own words" (Shannon)
Our early ancestors? Are you serious?

Daily Living Skills - Using the Library

Consulting librarian for reading suggestions, placing a hold, picking up a hold
I am brave. I am serious: I am super brave. When I'm not expecting a boo I get surprised sometimes, but if I'm expecting it I'm not scared. I do like scary stuff. I just like scary stuff, like horror shows and vampire books and stuff like that.

Checking out books, using the automated system; remembering PIN/phone number
The baby sharpens her teeth on a rock! It's true - she does that! Count Olaf - she bit his hand!

Reading - Chapter Books

Reading for pleasure and understanding; recounting information; making suggestions

Princess in Black

She is a monster fighter. No one knows she was a monster fighter but her servant noticed that she was Princess in Black 'cause she noticed some black in her bedroom closet: black stockings, black shoes, black mask and black cape. Black suit, black boots, black whip, and that's it. And a staff, wand... stick, too.

You sound horrified! (She has it) to make for the monsters not fight - to make them go in their hole. It was a place... her secret place and somebody got in trouble there. Somebody was walking by there and the monster caught her - somebody else - and the Princess in Black was fighting the monster. She knew the monster was out there so she got out and fight the monster.

Mara the Meerkat Fairy

What happens in the fairy book? Goblins try to get a meerkat. The fairies try to save the meerkat from the goblins. The goblins are trying to put it in a zoo 'cause they do something awful to the meerkats - the goblins always try to do something awful for Jack Frost. In the book he's a bad guy, but in Frozen he's not bad. You don't get to see the castle there, and you don't get to see his face or what he wears, or stuff like that. The fairies want to go save the meerkats from the goblins. The goblins are always trying to steal something. The goblins lose but the fairies succeed.

It took two days to read the fairy book. It is at my level. Oona does like emotions - so... they do show their emotions in the book - I think she would like it. Oona in Japan might like it, too. I'm not so sure if she would like it, but she might like it.

One day I would like to read another one of those books. I finished the fairy book so I'm onto Henry. 

Horrid Henry

So Horrid Henry has a friend that looks inside Horrid Henry's diary. 

Cooking - Wonton Soup

Picking kale, garlic chives and parsley from the garden (and fennel for later); chopping, heating, stirring

Wonton Soup

In a big pot, simmer 5 mins:
Chicken broth, 2 L
Ginger, 2 slices
Kale, chopped

Frozen wontons - 6 per person

Simmer 3 minutes, turn of heat, then stir in:
Soy sauce - a few drops
Sesame oil - a few drops 

Top each bowl with:
Sliced chives
Chopped parsley

Chicken broth stinks - doesn't it? It smells like dog jellybean. I hate the smell of this one. Oh - it smells even bad outside!

Are you kidding? This is going to be so flavourful! Is it going to take away the awful dog breath smell? We do not want our breath to smell like dog breath, don't we? Take a big whiff of that - that smells great! This is going to be like a potion - but it's going to be healthy for you. That smells so, so good!

Let's take that out: the ginger is just for flavour - you can't eat that. 

This is a healthy recipe. I definitely agree: this is super good. This is Girl's Night lunch. This is really kicking the spot!

Daily Living - Orthodontist Appointment

Dr. Chung really knows what to do with my teeth, doesn't he?

Social and Emotional Development - Scared

Talking about emotions: how they feel, what might cause them and what to do about them

...'Cause Donald Trump's there - he's scary.

Friday the 13th - I heard that one is scary. Maybe somebody wants to watch it and it's like, "Oh, no, you're not watching that movie!"

Other people are scared of the dark.  I am a little bit scared of the dark; I get nightmares. Take something off of my mind... dance - it works sometimes. You might get tired and you might sleep.

Soaring Eagle Nature School - Last Session

Tracking, birding, identifying wildlife and edible plants, playing games, listening to stories, socializing, expressing gratitude, getting exercise in the fresh air, regardless of the weather!
My nature name is Western Cedar tree. My favourite part of the year was having fun here.
Soaring Eagle actually lets you go through the forest and climb and stuff like that. And tell stories. Stories are very, very fun - they're good at the stories.

I wanna go there again.

When I'm a grown-up I'll wear pretty clothes and make treats for my cats and dogs.

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